Ewwww, I’ll end up with poop everywhere!

Ewwww, I’ll end up with poop everywhere! I’m put-off from using cloth nappies! You might be thinking.


There’s a common misconception that cloth nappies are difficult to use or that they’re expensive.

The truth is, modern cloth nappies are just as easy to change as a disposable nappy and as easy to maintain as washing a load of laundry. With hook and loop OR snap closures, adjustable sizing, and one or two piece designs, modern cloth nappies are convenient and versatile to suit anybody and any nappy need (age/size). They’re actually better at containing messes than disposable nappies, as they are designed with a more adjustable fit and stronger, thicker elastic at the legs and back.

Generally speaking, using modern cloth nappies only adds an extra two to three loads of laundry per week. And because they’re reusable, you never have to worry about running out and having to do a late-night dash to 7-11.

But wait for it…

Modern cloth nappies are also considerably cheaper than disposables over the duration of nappy use. Generic disposables can cost on average $2000 over 3 years, with some premium earth friendly brands costing closer to $3500. Ouch! I know I’d much prefer to spend that on a holiday. That doesn’t even include the costs of disposable wipes. A full-time cloth nappy system can cost around $600 and can last from birth right through to toilet training saving around $1400.

As well as saving a lot of money throughout the years your gorgeous bubba is in nappies; cloth nappies are also a lot more environmentally friendly. A win-win!

Why not start a holiday fund… Firstly purchase a selection of AlterBub nappies that appeal to you, then moving forward ALL money you would normally spend on disposable nappies pop into your kitty and watch the money grow. You and your family will have your bags packed and be on holidays before you know it.

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