Hi, and thanks for stopping by to check out what AlterBubs is about and learn more about me.

My name is Paige; founder of AlterBubs, wife, mum and can be described as being a bit alternative.

I love coffee. In fact, I don’t think I could do half the stuff I do without it. I like loud music; punk, metal, horrorpunk; anything loud I can dance like an idiot to. I’m a mum of four young kids (2 boys and 2 girls). Miss R is 7, Miss E is 6, Mr C is 4 and Mr J is almost 2.

I also place importance on living a healthy, balanced lifestyle; with healthy eating and exercise and alone-time to explore my own interests.  Mums! Dads! If we don’t look after ourselves properly, we can’t be the best parents we can be. Parents shouldn’t feel guilty about having time to ourselves such as a massage or a bath (without the kids) from time to time. When you’re happy and relaxed then you can give your kids the best version of you.

At AlterBubs we believe you can be the weird mum, the mum with all the tattoos and piercings, the mum that always wears all black, the mum that sports rainbow hair.

If you’re also a person who cares about the environment than you’ll love our products.

We bring you a new range of modern cloth nappies and baby accessories, designed by an alternative mum, for alternative mums.

Why AlterBubs was born?

Firstly, being a mother of four young children (three of which have different medical conditions which result in frequents days off school) the idea of working from home was ideal. It provided flexibility so I could be by my kid’s sides when they needed me.

Secondly, I have always used cloth nappies and have tried many different types over the years but couldn’t find cool, alternative designs. Those on the market were a bit too cutesy for me; ducks and rainbows.

What’s really exciting is that we have an up and coming baby skincare range.  Inspired by my youngest daughter (Miss E) who has severe eczema; we’ve been using different creams constantly throughout her life; trying everything we can get our hands on, trying to find something that will help.   I was surprised by the lack of natural, vegan products. Our products will be gentler on baby’s skin and also the environment.

Final note…we believe parenting should be fun and enjoyable. We invite you to take a look at our products or check out our Parenting Blog.

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